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Ground Penetrating

Underground Utility Survey in Hyderabad


In the congested landscape of today’s increasingly complex utility infrastructure, the technician can be overwhelmed with the multitude of interwoven metallic and non-metallic utilities. Wouldn’t it be easier to see what’s underground without the cost and disruption of exploratory excavation?
A truly portable and cost-effective Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system that gives cable and pipe surveyors worldwide the ability to see what’s underground.

The RD1000TM is an exciting and powerful addition to the utility surveyor’s toolkit. Using radar technology, the RD1000TM displays an image map of underground features. The advantage over a traditional, electromagnetic locator is that the RD1000TM can see non-conductive materials including plastic pipes. Users a comfortable and easy-to-steer product that can operate in almost any terrain. The RD1000TM can be assembled on site in less than two minutes and can be dismantled with ease for compact storage and safe transportation. based on these inputs topographic maps are prepared.

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